Matthew Halsall special Anniversary editions of ‘Sending My Love’and‘Colour Yes’ are available now on double, CD and digital. Both have been wonderfully remixed and remastered including bonus material. The packaging has been reimagined by Ian Anderson of The Designer’s Republic featuring artworks by Formworks Studio. ⁣

“I am very proud of these early recordings. They represent the starting point of my musical journey in Manchester and showcase some of the cities finest musicians such as: Nat Birchall, Chip Wickham, Rachael Gladwin, Adam Fairhall, Gavin Barras and Gaz Hughes. They are also the very first recordings my brother and I decided to release on our record label (Gondwana Records). Listening back they sound full of energy and joy and really reflect how I was feeling at that precise moment. But as much as I loved the music, I was never 100 percent happy with the sound of the mixes and mastering. So I decided to go back to the original tapes to remix and remaster them and present them the way I’d always wanted, and along the way we unearthed a couple extra unreleased tracks, which we decided to include as bonus material. Myself and my brother also decided to bring in Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic to re-imagine the artwork and we are super blown away by the results!” — Matthew Halsall, 2019

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Order   ‘Colour Yes’  on 2LP/CD/DL
Order   ‘Oneness’  on 3LP/CD/DL

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photo credit: Sorrel Higgins