Matthew Halsall announces ‘An Ever Changing View’

Jun 14, 2023 | Matthew Halsall, Releases

Matthew Halsall announces new album ‘An Ever Changing View’, once again expanding his sound and production techniques to create his unique, deeply meditative music.

Written between two beautiful locations with breathtaking sea views, Matthew welcomed complete musical freedom. He composed what he saw “like a landscape painting” and playfully created the foundations of songs with samples and loops from his ever-growing box of percussion — as heard on first single ‘Water Street’.

Pre-order ‘An Ever Changing View’ on 2LP / CD / DL including *Bandcamp Exclusive* limited edition Transparent Green vinyl 2LP, and Black vinyl 2LP bundle with postcards.

“Music can elevate and inspire us, or soothe and protect us. It’s a quality that I hear in spiritual jazz, ambient music or just in the sound of the sea and the wind in the trees. I wanted that quality to be part of the tapestry I created for this album.”

— Matthew Halsall

• photograph by Emily Dennison

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